​The Time is Now: Your Guide to Selecting Pre-Owned Luxury Watches and Handbags

​The Time is Now: Your Guide to Selecting Pre-Owned Luxury Watches and Handbags

Aug 10th 2017

We know you’re always on the lookout for your next designer purchase. We understand your desire for unique, one-of-a-kind, luxurious pieces that are unmatched by anything else. This is why today, in order to assist you on your mission to collect all the finest pieces that the industry has to offer, we’re offering a guide to acquiring pre-owned luxury items.

While we understand your initial impulse may be to buy only brand new, untouched, mint condition pieces, the benefit of searching for pre-owned luxury handbags and watches is that oftentimes you’re able to find designs sold in extremely limited editions, or that are otherwise no longer being produced. However, while buying pre-owned luxury fashionable pieces can help you curate a stunning collection unlike that of anyone else, there are some cautious that are important to keep in mind.

We present to you a guide of options to consider the next time you’re purchasing a pre-owned luxury watch or handbag:

1) Always buy from trusted sources and perform due diligence

With your sharp eye, we’re certain you would be able to spot a fake or “knock off” of any designer handbags or watches; however, if you’re doing your shopping online, deception is much more common. Do your research, read reviews, and contact the boutique directly if you have any concerns at all about authenticity. Rest assured that every pre-owned luxury good purchased through Twila True is verified authentic. We carry both pre-owned luxury watches, like this unique pink sapphire Chanel, and pre-owned luxury handbags, like this authentic Hermes Kelly handbag. Our collections are vast, authentic, and truly full of some of the most luxurious pieces that the fashion industry has to offer.

2) Be aware of return policies

Depending on where you’re making your purchase and how familiar you are with that boutique, we caution you to always familiarize yourself with the return policies. While a luxury purchase is an investment, and the assumption is often that returns will not occur, it would be unfortunate to notice a defect on the piece after the purchase is made. To avoid this issue altogether, ensure you give the watch or handbag a thorough inspection before any transaction occurs. However, if you’re shopping online and you’re unable to see the piece in-person, familiarize yourself with that boutique’s reputation, know their return policy in case of any deception, and ask for additional pictures when necessary.

3) Ensure you have realistic expectations

While we know you’re likely used to receiving all your fashion goods in mint condition, it’s important to do pre-owned shopping with an open mind. You need to be aware that these goods have been previously used, and that this will likely reflect in the condition. While it is possible to find stunning pre-owned luxury watches and pre-owned luxury handbags in mint condition, be aware of the possibility of perhaps a small scratch here, or a slight fabric snag there. If you’re not, it’s possible pre-owned luxury fashion goods might not be for you.

We know your wardrobe is already a treasure trove of stunning, luxurious fashion; however, if you’re looking to start adding in pieces that are not only luxurious, but also unique and unmatched, we highly suggest pre-owned luxury watches and handbags. Do your research, and establish bonds of trust with boutique owners, curating a wardrobe full of stunning, one-of-a-kind handbags and watches can undoubtedly be a reality.