​First Class Traveler: Selecting the Best Pieces to Dazzle During your Travels

​First Class Traveler: Selecting the Best Pieces to Dazzle During your Travels

Jul 27th 2017

Travel is one of the world’s best medicines. There’s no better way to pull yourself out of the mundanity of a far-too-familiar daily routine than by visiting a stunning travel location that will provide you with some free-time for relaxation, and give you a chance to experience a part of the world in new, exciting ways.

Some of society’s top vacation areas, such as Rome, London, Sydney, Paris, Barcelona, and Dubai, are known as fashionable hot spots that are on the pulse of the latest styles and trends. So, the next time you jet set away to luxuriate, you’re going to need to do so in style.

Twila True Fine Jewelry’s boutique is based in Newport Beach and has a team of expert gemologists who create elegant pieces of jewelry so dazzling and sophisticated that it’s impossible not to fall in love with them! Read on for tips and tricks on the most stunning jewelry pieces to bring to your next travel destination. If you follow our advice, you just might score yourself a seat front-and-center at the next fashion week.

Beauty and the Beach

Beachside travel destinations are the perfect option for women who are always on the go. Basking in the warmth of the sun, taking a dip in gorgeous, royal blue ocean waves, and sipping on a tasty strawberry margarita is a fabulous way to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. For beachside vacations, you’ll want to make sure to leave your rings and earrings at home. It’s not uncommon for these pieces to slip into the ocean when you go in for a quick swim (remember watching Kim K. break out in tears when her diamond earring were lost in the water of Bora Bora?), so it’s safer to stick with dazzling, yet durable pieces of jewelry for this type of travel; think chunky chokers, fashion necklaces, and chic, stackable bangles.

The Fabulous Foodie

One of the biggest perks of travel is getting to sample all the delicious cuisine from Michelin restaurants to street fare! Whether you find yourself snacking on savory Risotto in Italy’s finest restaurant, or nibbling on perfectly flaky croissants and delectable macarons in a quaint French bakery, you’ll want to be certain to pick jewelry pieces that perfectly complement your ensemble as you partake on your fine dining expeditions. Try pairing some elegant chandelier earrings with your favorite diamond fashion bracelet.

There’s nothing like having a little wrist candy to show off as you twirl yourself a mouthwatering forkful of pasta!

Culture Connoisseur

Some people travel for the full cultural experience. These are the types of women who seek out high-profile art galleries, applause-worthy theatrical performances, and jaw-dropping museum exhibits while they are on holiday. If you’re going to be venturing around areas that are the epitome of class, charm, and culture, you’ll want jewelry options that are just as uniquely dazzling. We’d recommend pairing some eye-catching, yet simplistic diamond hoop earrings with classic gemstone rings. These pieces will add a bit of individuality and flair to your look so that you can look just as beautiful as the works of art you surround yourself with during your travels!