​Choosing Earrings That Compliment Your Hairstyle

​Choosing Earrings That Compliment Your Hairstyle

Aug 17th 2017

Bold chandelier earrings, classic diamond studs, or elegant hoops? When you have a large and impressive collection of jewels available to you in various styles, it can be a struggle to decide which pair to wear. We know you want to pick something that is going to best compliment you, which is why we put together this quick guide. Our guide will advise you on which earrings will best suit you based on your hairstyle, making the selection process that much easier.

For short hairstyles and up-dos

Whether you have your hair pulled back into an elegant up-do, or you’ve cut it short, we suggest reaching for your favorite pair of dangle/drop earrings. Since your hair isn’t framing your face, adding a pair of drop earrings is the perfect replacement. Drop earrings will also help draw attention to your face and give you a more lifted and flattering look. At Twila True, we carry a variety of dangle/drop earrings, from refined diamond oval drop earrings, to stunning sapphire drop earrings.

For a simple bun

While a bun is unquestionably a version of an up-do, and we still recommend choosing dangle/drop earrings, we want to guide you towards a more elegant and refined version of a dangle/drop earring. When your hair is styled in a bun, it immediately gives you a sense of refined sophistication. Keep that elegance consistent with your jewelry choice. You’ll find something like our Australian South Sea Pearl & Diamond earrings to be the perfect compliment to a bun hairstyle.

For a short bob

If your hair is cut into a chic bob, nothing will compliment you more than a pair of chandelier earrings. This is especially true if your bob hits right at your earlobe; the chandelier earrings will peak out right below your hair for a touch of added drama. With studs or small hoops, the earrings really won’t be seen since your hair just covers the earlobe, and because of your shorter length hair, you have less options for any up-dos to show off the earrings.

For long tresses

When your hair is long and you wear it down, you may assume something bold like chandelier or drop earrings would be the most flattering look. However, when you already have your hair framing your face, adding in oversized earrings can get overwhelming. Not to mention, the earrings can easily get tangled up in your hair. Instead, opt for something more subtle like a pair of diamond studs or sophisticated hoops. That extra amount of sparkle peeking through the curtain of your hair will have a stunning impact.

For a half up style

When you’ve styled your hair half-up, we suggest stud earrings. While it’s true that the front sections of hair have been pulled back and are not framing face, the hair still cascades around the shoulder. Because of the vertical nature of a drop earrings, you’ll likely find that style to be too similar to the stands of your hair. The matching may look awkward or misplaced. If you do want something more dramatic than simple studs, we would suggest going with a pair of chandelier earrings or hoops.

We’ve imparted our recommendations on to you, but we now leave the decision in your hands. We understand you have you own preference for different metals, gemstones, and styles when it comes to your jewelry. It is paramount that you pick the style that feels best suited for you. If you need a little help narrowing down your choices, our guide is a great resource, but our best advice would be to always wear the earrings that make you feel like you’re shining bright like a diamond.

For an unmatched shopping experience, we invite you to browse through our stunning collection of luxury earrings that will suit any hairstyle and occasion. As the leader in fine jewelry from Newport Beach, CA, we know you won’t be disappointed.